• The Department of Commerce with CA has Six classrooms.
  • The classrooms with natural light provide a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has public address system, Chalk boards and with appropriate furniture.
  • The classrooms can accommodate 66 students which can facilitate students to discuss academic topics. 


  • The Department of Commerce with CA occupies unique Racks in NPR Arts and Science College Library.
  • In that, 733 books, 503 Titles and 2 Journals are Library occupies a unique place in academic and research activities of the Department.
  • It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. 
  • The Library maintains an excellent collection of data books, occasional papers and other documents/materials.
  • The Library has a well-equipped facility for reading. 


The Department of Commerce with CA is enriched with computing facilities like well-equipped laboratories with modern computing environments.

We provide a pleasant working environment for students to undertake their practical and assignment work.

Final year students have entire lab at their disposal to carry out their project work with high speed internet connectivity to help them accomplishing their research objectives.

We have 72 equipped computers with advanced software’s (MS Office,C, Oracle , VB, Photoshop, Corel Draw, TALLY ERP 9,.NET, PHP, `) are installed with antivirus with periodic updates and maintenance of laboratories is at a high priority.


The Department has one smart classroom with projector and seating capacity is 75.

Smart classrooms are electronically enhanced lecture theaters and classrooms.

These rooms create new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computer, multimedia and network technology.